About Matthew

Matthew hails from the San Francisco East Bay Area and has long been interested in film and audio arts. Aside from voiceover he enjoys modeling scenes and objects in Blender, a 3D modeling program, animating, composing, and producing electronic music (especially using his hardware or software modular synthesizers), computer games, and is a voracious reader of textbooks, history, and science-fiction. He lives with his very supportive partner Becca and their cat Gaius who generously allows them to inhabit his domicile.

Some of the voiceover artists whom Matthew holds in high regard are:

Otis Jiry of Chilling Entertainment's 'Scary Stories Told in the Dark'.

Peter Thomas of Forensic Files fame whose delivery has been copied but never equaled. These types of documentaries and the kind of narrative work Matthew is working toward.

Richard Ayoade narrated a number of wonderful animated characters and also played the role of Moss (among other film and television roles) on Matthew's favorite comedy IT Crowd, a show whose ensemble cast and brilliant writing by Graham Linehan still make him laugh out loud.

Steve Carell. One of Matthew's top favorite comedic actors who had portrayed numerous very funny characters (especially Brick Tamland) and the voice of the infamous Gru from the Despicable Me series.

Matthew would like to especially thank his close friend David Simmons who inspired him to pursue voiceover as a career.